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Dancers: Meet the Company
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Artistic Director & Choreographer

Nadine has been dancing nearly her entire life, and opened a successful dance studio in 2011 where she met the dancers who would become Synergia Dance Project. Having choreographed hundreds of pieces, in several styles of dance and movement, and with experience directing dance videos and choreographing for music videos, she is excited to bring her passionate artistic vision and creative development skills to Synergia Dance Project.



1st Lead

Dance has been a huge influence and creative outlet in Leigh’s life. She started practicing ballet, tap, and jazz around age 5. Through the years she explored other avenues of dance, but she’s beyond excited to continue learning and growing as a dancer and as a person with Synergia Dance Project!



2nd Lead

Amanda was 3 years old when she began dancing with the Parks and Recreation department in her hometown. She was exclusively a ballet dancer until graduating high school, when she discovered contemporary and modern dance and fell in love with the freedom of movement and capacity for expression.



Dancer (Corps)

Olga is a professionally trained dancer, actress, and performer who started her ballet training at the age of four with an internationally acclaimed ballet troupe in Russia. She later expanded her dancing skills to include modern, contemporary, jazz, Russian and Irish Fook, Latin and European competitive ballroom, and Argentine Tango. Olga has toured with professional dance companies all over the world, and is extremely excited to continue her growth as a dancer and a performer with Synergia Dance Project.



Dancer (Corps + Understudy to 1st Lead)

Haley trained in classical ballet and modern dance through Ballet Arts of Minnesota, Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre, Louisiana State University, and Troy Dance Factory. Dance is her first love and she is so excited to learn, grow, and explore new facets of the art form.



Dancer (Corps + Understudy to 2nd Lead)

Brenna has been dancing since the age of 6, first gaining a foundation in ballet, tap, and jazz then discovering her truest love, contemporary, in highschool. She explored modern and post-modern dance at Middlebury College, and was introduced to hip hop-inspired stylings and urban choreography while abroad in Japan. Dance is her truest passion, and she is excited to continue exploring and growing her craft.



Dancer (Corps)

Emma has been dancing since she was 7 years old. Dance is her truest form of expression and a huge part of her life. She has trained in ballet, pointe and jazz. In college, she fell in love with contemporary and hip hop. When her bachelor's in french lead her to Paris, she fell in love with different musicality and beats she'd hear on the radio. After researching Synergia, it was everything she was looking for to expand her knowledge and skill and companionship she needed in her new home town. She hopes to bring her determination and grit to a group of powerful women while exploring improvisation and the contemporary musicality Nadine provides.



Dancer (Corps)

Caitlin began dancing at the age of five and trained in ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary through high school. In college she was able to continue her passion for dance as a member of Where the Lines Overlap Dance Company on Long Island. Caitlin is excited to continue her journey and growth in dance as a member of Synergia Dance Project.



Creative Director

McKenna Hynes, better known as Kenna, is a director and cinematographer based out of upstate New York. She attended Columbia College Chicago majoring in Cinema Arts + Sciences with a concentration in cinematography. For nearly a decade, she has delved into collaborating with production companies, musicians, dancers, and artists throughout the country, and most recently upstate NY.

Kenna has dabbled and become fluent in most aspects of the filmmaking process. Her wide range of skills has honed in on a style that is well-rounded, motivated, and most importantly, story-driven.

Kenna has spent her career trek working as both a one-woman show and a devoted collaborator, creating close ties with those she works with, treating each project as unique. Her goal as a filmmaker is to seek out their stories, amplify their voice, and give them the validation they deserve using the skills she has obtained as a storyteller.

The very first projects Kenna ever created were dance films, and the rest is history. As the creative director, she is excited to translate her visual expertise from the screen to the stage and collaborate with the talented team that is Synergia.

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