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Synergia Dance Project’s mission is to inspire audiences to explore and confront the most challenging aspects of the human experience - love, loss, and change - through contemporary dance, live music, and visual media. We achieve this mission by collaborating with a rotating roster of local creatives in various industries of artistic expression to create a cohesive, multimedia performance. With each season, our performances explore different facets of the human experience, encouraging our artists and audiences to reflect upon the complexities of what it means to be human in the 21st century. We aim to create an experience with mass appeal by blending dance, cinema, and live music in order to thoughtfully and thoroughly inspire that reflection.

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The concept of loss - loss of love, of faith, of self - is one that is often explored through all mediums of art. Singers sing about it, writers write about it, painters paint about it; without loss, and, to a greater extent, the overcoming of loss, some of the most powerful pieces of art we hold so dear would cease to exist. Combining the abstraction of dance with the raw power of live music and stunning multimedia visuals, Synergia Dance Project offers its viewers the opportunity to experience and explore loss in a completely unique way.

Synergia Dance Project was founded in 2019 by Nadine Medina, owner and founder of Troy Dance Factory in Troy, NY. Medina, a familiar and influential figure in the Troy art and dance scene, approached the ever-growing collective of Capital Region artists to establish a collaborative partnership, combining the talents of local musicians, dancers, and filmmakers to create Synergia. 

Synergia’s first season explored the aftershocks of a doomed romantic relationship; the second imagines what happens when outside forces (disease and ultimately, death) bring relationships to an unexpected and unavoidable end. Medina, whose hope for Synergia’s first season was to delve into the work that must be done after you’ve lost a sense of who you truly are before a sense of self can be regained, is once again drawing on experiences from her own life - and lives of those closest to her - to inform the story of the company’s second season, Reveries in the Fade.

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